Training in current procedures in international transport and logistics fields

These training courses are interactive, the modules listed below are given as examples, they can be selected to meet your needs and your employees’ initial level of knowledge.

Teaching is interactive and interspersed with self-assessment workshops.

Examples of training modules offered

Introduction to international transport

A comprehensive approach to the sector addressing European and international road transport as well as air, sea, inland waterway and rail transport. Incoterms are covered at the end of the session to round off this initiation.
(2 days – 14 hours)

Becoming an expert in international transport

Road haulage: convention, obligations, taxation, organisation. (2 days – 14 hours)

Airfreight: convention, obligations, taxation, organisation. (2 days – 14 hours)

Maritime: convention, obligations, taxation, organisation. (2 days – 14 hours)


Essential elements of international trade: knowing how to control them, how to use them well for economic purposes, which Incoterms for which transport modes, which Incoterms for which countries, etc.

(1 day – 7 hours)

Understanding French customs

Understanding a customs declaration, anticipating the value of a customs import declaration. A.E.O. approval. A.E. status. What benefits? How to make customs procedures easier? Find out everything about European customs agreements.

(2 days – 14 hours)

Conseiller du commerce extérieur de la France
Membre des entrepreneurs à l'international
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