Our solutions and services for your international flows

Technical expertise, strategic analysis, improved international transport and logistics processes

The Action-Réaction consultancy provides independent support to its customers in several fields:

Administration and regulatory management of your international exchanges

  • Advice on issuing commercial/non-commercial invoices to comply with customs authorities and international tax regulations
  • Advice on the selecting Incoterms to improve trade margins
  • Advice on the documents to be retained and presented for a tax audit

    Performance of your international supply chain

    • Audit of your whole organisation to confirm suitability for your business strategy
    • Obtain AEO (Approved Economic Operator) status to meet the requirements of your international customers
    • Management of your complex international plan requiring cutting-edge technical expertise
    • Interim management for holiday periods, temporary or transient absence by replacing existing functions and proposing areas for improvementd’amélioration

      À la carte service to enhance your logistics and international transport

      Reaction’Line is a subscription service for technical, regulatory and/or operational advice and assistance on managing and safeguarding the complete international supply chain.

      You have a time credit to use when its suits you (minimum of 5 hours).

      The services requested are deducted from this credit and the time balance and related services are sent to you in a monthly statement. 

      Each subscription is valid until the time credit is used up, with no time limit.

      Examples of services:


      Secure outsourcing to manage your transport and optimise costs, but also to avoid having to manage the unexpected events and misunderstandings of links in the logistic chain. We position ourselves as a facilitator between you and the service contractor to streamline operations. Transport costs are controlled through our knowledge of the sector and the main players.


      Depending on the volumes transported, it is sometimes preferable to launch a call for transport tenders to ensure long-term stability of the rates and the service required. This is often a tedious and somewhat time-consuming task... With our expertise and in complete transparency, we manage it based on your specifications or on those we draw up together. This call for tenders can be national, European or global in scope and factors in your internal organisation.

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